Yoga provides a holistic system to restore health. Health is an inner sense of well-being that allows you to cope with life without losing balance.

Medical experts are increasingly recognising the importance of Yoga in the treatment of chronic disorders. The principles of Yoga and the recommended practises help in relating to the environment as well as to understand how we contribute to the problems and solutions relating to health.

What kind of Yoga is it?

Ashtanga or eight limbed yoga was propagated by the Sage Patanjali. He gives great importance to the integration of all aspects of life. Thus, Ashtanga Yoga involves fine balancing using self-discipline in asan, pranayam and meditation. This kind of tuning leads to a decrease in hypersensitivity to external stimuli and an increase in awareness as well as sensitivity to internal stimuli.

Can I do it?

Anyone with a willingness is suitable for Ashtanga Yoga. The teacher has to individualise the teaching by taking each person at their level and help them move upwards. Accepting this variation amongst individuals as well as within the individual is extremely important for success.

A saying from Bhagwad Gita

In other words, “They who are steady in eating and in rest, and in their work, do their duty; they who are steady in sleeping and waking, they will be able to train in Yoga to mitigate sufferings of their material life” Bhagwad Gita 6:-18

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